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Renowned Graffiti Artist Gets Creative at Frankfurt Airport


A 360-metre-long art project was recently unveiled at Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

Created by artist Helge Steinmann, the graffiti artwork features 15 images representing Frankfurt, from city hall to the old opera house and an homage to the local Bundesliga soccer team Eintracht Frankfurt.

The project is portrayed along a wall by the airport’s bus station across from Terminal 1, while Frankfurt’s skyline is painted on an integrated bridge pylon.

FRA’s operating company Fraport AG says the mural is a celebration of the city of Frankfurt and gives the airport a generous touch of distinctive local colour.

Artist Steinmann is the founder of the world’s first graffiti and urban-art agency, and developed the Graffiti Academy, an organization offering workshops at schools. The rather sketch-like style in which he has designed the mural at FRA’s bus station bridges the gap between classical graffiti and modern illustration.

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