Reps4Rent Is Ready To Serve

Spotting a void in the Canadian travel business, well-known industry veteran Dianne Jackson has launched Reps4Rent – a company that will provide short-term or project-based representation, consultation and other services geared to the needs of tour operators, tourist boards, hoteliers, cruise lines, airlines and retail travel agencies.

Jackson, who has over 35 years in senior management roles in the Canadian travel industry, observed: “As we come out of the pandemic, it has become so clear that our industry can no longer sustain the larger sales teams of yesterday.”

And she continued: “And yet those sales activities are still important in order to maintain a brand in the eyes of both the distribution networks and consumers. There is a lot of noise out there, and having Reps4Rent brand ambassadors is an affordable, professional and flexible solution.”

The company — which is recruiting independent sales representatives across the country — has four areas of service:

  • Trade and Consumer shows
  • Training and keynote speaking
  • General sales activities
  • Consulting and special project work

Said Jackson: “Travel is rebounding in a huge way, and suppliers are often finding themselves stretched to participate in all of the sales functions they want and need to do. Our goal is to ease the pressure to be everywhere, all the time. For example, a company’s permanent sales department can focus on key projects such as quarterly reviews and specific client opportunities, while Reps4Rent ambassadors can concentrate on the general sales activities and backfill where additional staff or talent is required.”

Another option, she adds, is for companies located outside Canada who want a presence at Canadian events, Reps4Rent is a great option without a long-term commitment.

“And the best part, because we offer a menu of services, is that you pay for only what you need. Our brand ambassadors will be trained to the client’s standards to deliver key messages and handle typical queries and concerns raised at industry events,” said Jackson

Some of the Reps4Rent brand ambassadors to date include such well-known industry figures as Sal Buccellato, Jackie Coulson, Nick Roberti and Joseph “JD” Dubois.

At the same time, Reps4Rent will provide an opportunity for industry personnel looking to work as independent sales professionals to keep involved in the business they love or to grow their current business by leveraging Reps4Rent.

“Reps4Rent is really an ideal marriage of needs and fulfilment,” says Jackson.

For more, go to; Dianne Jackson can be reached at [email protected]; 249-503-8484 (toll-free: 1-877-724-8085).