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Reputation key factor when selecting preferred suppliers

ASTA recently released its seventh annual Supplier-Travel Agent Marketing Report, which, among other findings, shows that 92% of agency respondents ranked “reputation/quality of product”as the most important factor when selecting a preferred supplier. The study looks at trends in supplier-agency relationships and travel agency booking channels by market segment. “It is important for both agencies and suppliers to have the opportunity to step back and review how they interact and support each other,”said ASTA president Nina Meyer. “ASTA’s Supplier-Travel Agent Marketing Report provides an opportunity to review their relationships by reviewing current trends.”A strong relationship between suppliers and travel agencies is imperative if both sides want to increase sales. This report found that agencies that engage in a preferred supplier relationship often do so based on the supplier’s reputation and quality of their product. Satisfying their client base is the most important goal for a travel agency. Therefore, suppliers that provide communication, education and quality products have a greater chance of increasing their business opportunities with travel agencies. The Supplier-Travel Agent Relationship Marketing report assists travel agencies and suppliers in understanding and benchmarking typical agency-supplier business arrangements. It is the only report of its kind that looks at preferred supplier relationships, booking channels used by agents, how incentives function and the usefulness of supplier education programs from an agency point of view. ASTA’s Premium Members will receive the full report as part of their membership; travel agent members will receive a free summary of the report, but can also purchase the entire report for $99. The cost for ASTA member suppliers is $349 and $549 for non-members. (

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