Restaurants Canada Applauds New Measures

Restaurants Canada commended the federal government for committing to provide rent assistance directly to businesses, among other measures announced today that respond to key recommendations to support the foodservice sector.

Todd Barclay, president and CEO of Restaurants Canada, said: “Providing rent assistance directly to businesses is a key ingredient for restaurant survival. We appreciate the federal government acting on this critical recommendation, among other new support measures announced today, to help our sector pull through the ongoing pandemic.”

David Lefebvre, Restaurants Canada vice president, federal and Quebec, pointed out that: “Restaurants are a critical load-bearing pillar of communities across the country. We appreciate the federal government’s continued recognition of the unique impact that COVID-19 has had on our sector. We especially appreciate the efforts of Minister Ng in particular, for continuing to champion the needs of hardworking restaurant operators, so they can continue to contribute to jobs, economic growth and all the other small and medium sized businesses who rely on a thriving foodservice sector for their survival.”

Restaurants Canada pointed out that without continued and additional support, it estimates that 40% of independent restaurants might not survive beyond March 2021, on top of the roughly 10% of establishments that have already permanently closed over the first seven months of the pandemic.



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