Rise Up, Rise Up

These are exciting times for female empowerment and 2018 is already shaping up to be a big year as the impact of the #MeToo movement and the increasing focus on equality in the workplace continue to reverberate around the world.

In that spirit, Exodus Travels has launched all-female departures – experiences focused on championing and inspiring women in adventure travel.

Whether exploring the strong cultural traditions of Iran or cycling through Central America’s tropical scenery, these adventures are sure to motivate women of all ages and interests to be as daring as history’s boldest female explorers, such as Annie Cohen Kochovsky – the first woman to cycle round the world, just to win a bet; or Bonita Norris – the youngest person to have reached both the summit of Mt. Everest and the North Pole.

Robin Brooks, marketing & PR manager for Exodus Travels, observed: “We want to connect with females from all cultures and challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones while on vacation, as well as in our day to day lives.”

Brooks continued: “There’s a growing demand for trips that go beyond spa and yoga retreats with girlfriends – adventure and exploration is not a boys’ club anymore. In 2017, 65% of our travellers were female and we have seen a huge increase in women looking for active adventures such as cycling, walking, trekking and responsible wildlife tours.”

And she added: “I’m proud to say that we work hard to inspire women to take on new adventures and experience the rewards of pushing their limits.”

Women will journey with an all-female group made up of 4 to 16 travellers, led by local female guides – creating more opportunities for women working in a traditionally male-dominated profession in many countries across the globe.

For more, go to https://www.exodustravels.com/ca/female-departures .