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Riu PartnerClub Unveils Mobile App for Agents

Riu Hotels & Resorts has a new application for the Riu PartnerClub, the RIU loyalty program for travel agents.

In this application, agents will be able to use their mobile phones and tablets to manage all Riu PartnerClub account transactions in a fast and easy way.

Functionalities of the new mobile application include the ability to create new bookings or manage bookings to make any needed changes, and to update points to continue enjoying the benefits of the bookings registered. Agents can also consult their accounts, update or modify account information, discover the latest special offers offered by RIU Hotels for users of the loyalty program, and send wishes or suggestions so that their clients can continue to enjoy the best of RIU hotels.

The Riu PartnerClub program was created in 1992 to award exclusive benefits to travel agents, such as points for each completed booking which can be redeemed for nights or exclusive gifts.

“Today, being a member of Riu PartnerClub represents the best training guarantee for travel agents, as it helps them learn about the product first hand and recommend the RIU hotel that best meets their clients’ expectations,” Riu says.


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