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RIU, Sunwing: Great Partners, Growing Together

RIU Hotels & Resorts says it has developed an unshakeable bond with both Sunwing and those who send their clients to RIU properties with that tour operator as well.

Sunwing and RIU have an agreement that has Sunwing serve as the only tour operator in this country that offers RIU properties.

The agreement has been in place for 12 years and Armin Kaestner, RIU’s vice president of sales, contracting & business development for the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama says the Spanish hotel firm is pleased with the arrangement.

“We absolutely do not feel that we are missing out on anything (by not working with other Canadian tour operators as well),” he told Press Today Thursday during a Toronto visit.

Sunwing’s Jennifer Lucas in turn stated that, “RIU is a great partner. We grow together.”

Sunwing alone can fill over 400 rooms a night in just one RIU resort during the winter season, underscoring the ties between the two businesses.

Kaestner added his company is also committed to travel agents.

“We have become what we are because of travel agents,” he said. “They will always be part of our business.”

RIU has clearly built an international presence, with properties in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The company now has 38 all-inclusive resorts in the Western Hemisphere, along with 8 urban hotels.

Western Hemisphere properties are found in Mexico, the United States, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Panama.

That inventory is scheduled to grow, with RIU planning to open a Toronto hotel next year, its Canadian debut. The hotel will be in the city’s downtown core.

Next year will also see RIU open its seventh Jamaica hotel, which will be found in seaside Trelawney — which is located between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios — on May 4, 2024

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Seen from l to r, are Eric Rodriguez – Executive Vice President, Partner Development for Sunwing; Laura Castellanos – Sales Director DR & Associate to VP Sales for RIU Hotels and Resorts; Jennifer Lucas – Director of Product & Partner Development for Sunwing; Armin Kaestner – VP Contracting, Sales & Partner Marketing for RIU Hotels and Resorts; Valerie Ward – Business Development Manager (Ontario, BC, Saskatchewan & Alberta) for RIU Hotels and Resorts