Riviera River Cruises Adds New 2024 Itineraries

Riviera River Cruises its adding three new 11-day itineraries to its 2024 European river cruise schedule.

The announcement of the new itineraries comes after Riviera experienced strong demand for its first 11-day itinerary, Lyon, Provençal Rhône and the Camargue River Cruise on the Saône and Rhône Rivers in 2023.

Marilyn Conroy, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing North America for Riviera River Cruises, said that: “After seeing the response to our new Saône and Rhône river cruise for this year, we’re excited to offer three more 11-day itineraries in 2024.”

Conroy continued: “They’re the ideal fit between our eight-day cruises, which some might think aren’t quite long enough, and our 15-day cruises, which might leave others wanting to get home. And because they’re based on existing itineraries on the Seine, Rhine and Moselle Rivers, they allow guests to experience these regions a little more deeply.”

For more, sail on over to https://www.rivierarivercruises.com/ .

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