Rocky Mountaineer Delays Canadian Start To June

Rocky Mountaineer offered an update on changes to its 2021 travel season in consideration of the continuing travel restrictions and uncertainty of when they will be lifted.

The company said that it’s extending the inaugural season of its new route in the United States, Rockies to the Red Rocks, by four weeks, and delaying the start of its Canadian travel season until June 1, 2021.

Peter Armstrong, founder and interim CEO, of Rocky Mountaineer, said that: “The travel landscape is almost unrecognizable from 17 months ago when we last operated our trains, and much uncertainty remains around when the Canadian and provincial governments will lift the travel and health restrictions that make it impossible for us to welcome guests on board our Canadian routes.”

Armstrong continued: “We are hopeful the vaccination programs underway in the United States and Canada will soon be sufficient, so we can get back to doing what we do best, which is hosting guests for an incredible experience on board our trains.”

He pointed out that: “We also have high hopes for the preview season of our newest rail route in the Southwest USA, Rockies to the Red Rocks. We are seeing a strong interest from travellers with some high-demand dates nearing capacity, and signs are pointing to a strong U.S. domestic travel season for the year ahead.” And Armstrong added: “After the challenges of the past year, we truly appreciate the support and interest we are receiving for this route. We are adding more departure dates for 2021 and adding rail cars to each departure, so we can host even more guests throughout the preview season.”

Rockies to the Red Rocks is a two-day train journey between Moab, Utah, and Denver, Colorado, with an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The preview season for the route starts on Aug. 15, 2021 and, with the extension, will run until Nov. 19, 2021. With some departure dates nearing capacity, Rocky Mountaineer is adding rail cars to increase the guest capacity on all dates and adding 16 new departure dates to the preview season.

For guests affected by the delayed start to travel in Canada, Rocky Mountaineer is offering several benefits, including: providing a future travel credit equivalent to 110% of monies paid; holding its 2021 and 2022 rail pricing at 2020 levels; and providing a price guarantee for its vacation packages to ensure travellers can book a similar tour at the same price, once the present force majeure event has passed, even if third-party hotels or tour operators raise their prices.

Guests can choose to transfer their booking to the new route in the U.S., Rockies to the Red Rocks, with an added incentive to return to travel on the Canadian routes in the future. Understanding some guests may be hesitant to select a new travel date immediately, Rocky Mountaineer has added greater flexibility to its bookings, which allows guests to change their departure dates, or people on the booking, up to 30 days ahead of travel, without charge or penalty.

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