Rocky Mountaineer Set to Celebrate


Rocky Mountaineer has launched its new 2015 brochure, highlighting 25 reasons to experience Rocky Mountaineer during its 25th anniversary.

“We are proud to launch our new 2015 brochure, celebrating our 25th year,” said Hubert Wat, vice-president, Global Marketing of Rocky Mountaineer. “Our life changing experiences are built on the 4S’s – scenery, service, sweet and savoury and socialization. Guests from around the world will enjoy the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies in style with 36 departures on our Coastal Passage route, Rail and Cruise vacations with Holland America and an expanded selection of Circle Journeys encompassing the very best of rail travel on multiple routes.”

The brochure guides readers through 25 reasons to experience Rocky Mountaineer and highlights the many journeys available in 2015. The Best Sellers section details the most popular trips and includes five simple steps on how to build a Rocky Mountaineer journey with an array of options such as excursions.

Some fun elements in the brochure include wildlife trivia on a number of pages and Sasquatch (a legendary ape-like creature that some believe inhabits the forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest) sightings throughout.



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