RoomRaccoon Arrives In Canada

The RoomRaccoon Hotel Management System (HMS) has expanded into Canada, offering accommodation property owners new opportunities to grow their business.

With the North American hotel market estimated to be worth $30.66 billion in 2020, RoomRaccoon’s goal is to help Canadian hoteliers maximize their share of the market and navigate the new normal with virtual tools like contactless check-in.

The Netherlands-based HMS provider has been available in Europe and Africa since 2017 and quickly became the preferred hotel tech solution for over 1,500 properties.

In the months leading up to the full North American release, the company recruited and trained a team of local representatives who can offer hotel managers free online demos throughout the northern states and Canadian provinces.

Tymen Van Dyl, CEO, and co-founder of RoomRaccoon, said that: “This is a very important moment in the history of RoomRaccoon. Our mission is to empower hoteliers around the world, and this is a big step in that direction. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with hoteliers in North America.”

The cloud hotel management system is designed to be easy to use and fully automated, offering hoteliers a simple, yet comprehensive solution that does the job of multiple hotel tech stacks.

It also comes fully integrated with a Property Management System (PMS), Booking Engine and Channel Manager, which means hoteliers can manage everything from guest check-ins and check-outs, capture, and process direct bookings to instant rate and availability updates across multiple distribution channels in a snap.

Other RoomRaccoon features include:

  • Payment processing and card machine
  • Revenue and Yield management
  • Upsell functionality
  • Guest ID scanner
  • Financial reports
  • Automated pre-stay, post-stay, and confirmation emails
  • Online check-in
  • Website builder

Said Van Dyl: “With RoomRaccoon hoteliers can increase their occupancy rates, control their inventory, maximize their revenue and improve the overall guest experience. RoomRaccoon’s real power lies in the fact that it’s the most complete solution for the modern-day hotelier.”

Unlike legacy technology, RoomRaccoon is made to be compatible with over 138 third-party integrations.

Nick Kleynhans, head of partnerships at RoomRaccoon, explained that: “North America opens up the opportunity to partner with even more innovative, fast-paced, and trend-setting companies. RoomRaccoon looks forward to expanding with our existing partners including Event Temple, Lightspeed, Expedia, and Ivvy. We’re excited to discover new opportunities where together we can make a real difference.”

Hoteliers can also keep an eye out for the RoomRaccoon team at hospitality expos and events next year.

“We will be attending different events throughout North America. “We believe in the power of events, meeting each other face-to-face, and getting to know the market,” said RoomRaccoon’s Event Planner Marit Hoencamp, who was behind the successful hospitality summit, Check-In 2021, hosted by RoomRaccoon where keynote speakers from among others addressed important topics in the industry.

As for what RoomRaccoon’s clients think, well Aimee Lawson, assistant general manager of Cloud Estate Boutique Hotel in Stellenbosch, South Africa, said that: “Training on RoomRaccoon is a breeze compared to some other systems. As a team, we really understand the RoomRaccoon system.”

While Jayson Van Noordwyk, general manager of O’Two Hotel Cape Town, South Africa, reported that: “RoomRaccoon has helped us improve our operations with the simplicity of the operating system from the front end and even from the back end. RoomRaccoon is the secret weapon to successful hotel management.”

As for what makes RoomRaccoon stand out in the crowded hotel tech space, it’s pretty simple. The HMS is the brainchild of a hotelier who has first-hand experience of the daily operations and pain points involved in running a hotel.

Nadja Buckenberger, the product owner at RoomRaccoon, faced many challenges when she first opened the doors of her own independent hotel, the Bliss Boutique Hotel in Breda, Netherlands.

The crux of the problem was that she couldn’t find a single affordable solution that could manage all aspects of her property and that’s when she decided to join forces with Tymen to create one that could.

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