SAA resumes US flights

South African Airways (SAA) has resumed its operations out of the US, with its flights operating normally from both New York (JFK) and Washington (IAD). The carrier obtained approval from airport authorities in New York to recommence its service today (Oct. 31) from JFK to Johannesburg and will follow its usual schedule. Tlali Tlali, SAA’s group corporate affairs executive, noted that “onward connecting flights beyond JFK are still not fully restored to normal operations. In addition, passengers are advised that ground transportation and underground rail systems in New York are not yet restored to full operation.” SAA is advising its passengers to get updated information with regard to ground transportation and onward flight connections when checking in. Tlali added, “We are pleased that flight operations to the US are returning to normal and we will do everything we can in order to accommodate those who were unable to fly due to the extreme weather conditions.” Go to for more.

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