Sabre Announces CEO Succession Plan

Sabre Corporation has announced that Sean Menke, currently Chair of the company’s Board and its Chief Executive Officer, will transition to be solely Sabre’s Executive Chair of the Board, effective April 27, 2023.

At that time, Kurt Ekert, currently President of Sabre, will also become the company’s Chief Executive Officer, reporting to the Board of Directors.

Ekert has also been nominated as a director for election at Sabre’s 2023 Annual Meeting, to be held on April 26, 2023.

These moves are being made as part of the company’s and the Board of Directors’ ongoing succession planning.

Menke joined Sabre in 2015 serving as president of its largest business division, before being promoted to CEO in late 2016. Under Menke’s leadership, the company set out, and executed against, bold plans to reimagine the future of travel enabled by its technology transformation, key strategic partnerships and building a leadership team to deliver that vision.

Ekert joined Sabre in January 2022 as President as part of the company’s long term succession plans, as it split the role of president and CEO. Ekert oversees all aspects of the company’s business and technology operations. Over the last year, Ekert developed new growth strategies and successfully executed against the company’s operating plans, including successfully reorganizing its Travel Solutions business, implementing robust operating principles to enable faster and more efficient execution, and putting a refined leadership team in place.

Gregg Saretsky will continue to serve in the role as independent lead director of the Board of Directors, providing an effective balance between strong strategic leadership and oversight by independent directors.

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