Sabre, BCD Travel Partner For The Future

Sabre Corporation and BCD Travel have announced a long-term, multi-faceted strategic partnership that is expected to drive meaningful growth and advancement for both companies and across the travel ecosystem.

Under the newly expanded and long-term technology agreement, BCD Travel expects to increase its booking levels with Sabre.

Additionally, the two companies will jointly invest and collaborate on new and advanced solutions that will help accelerate the technology-driven evolution underway across the corporate travel ecosystem.

Kurt Ekert, president of Sabre, said that: “BCD Travel is a long-time, valued Sabre partner. Over the years, we’ve tackled industry challenges, innovated and grown together. Today, we take another important step in our partnership as we mutually commit to advancing the future of the travel.”

Ekert continued: “This agreement demonstrates our continuing commitment to helping BCD achieve its objectives to differentiate its offerings, improve operational efficiency and grow. Whether that takes the form of providing solutions, or enabling solutions, we will continue to build and sustain the value-added relationship we’ve enjoyed with BCD for so many years.”

The partnership will see the two industry leaders focus on creative solutions for managing growing complexities and evolving customer expectations as well as transforming the impacts of technology and marketplace dynamics into opportunities. Sabre will continue to utilize its technical expertise, innovative energies and corporate stability to help enable BCD’s success globally.

BCD Travel CEO and President, John Snyder explained: “This agreement is in line with our strategy to improve our agility, flexibility and responsiveness in a shifting environment. By extending our long-standing partnership with Sabre, we’ll streamline our distribution technology footprint and simplify our operational, technical and future development infrastructure, allowing us to move more rapidly on our clients’ behalf as we innovate, anticipate and adjust to emerging market opportunities.”

And Snyder added: “As we focus on post-COVID travel complexities and engage on deeper technology collaboration and joint development areas, we will enhance our speed to market with functionalities to improve travelers’ planning and booking experience including bringing NDC to life.”

As BCD and Sabre extend and deepen their existing relationship, both companies are expected to benefit as Sabre pursues its goals of:

  • Accomplishing its tech transformation with cloud migration, micro-service enabled architecture, and use of the latest smart technologies and digital innovations like AI and ML for a future-ready environment both Sabre and BCD can utilize.
  • Continuing to champion balanced supplier distribution economics on behalf of travel industry constituents for the content access our customers need.
  • Delivering premium retailing, distribution and fulfillment capabilities, including NDC-enabled solutions, across the value chain.

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