Sabre Automates Cuba Travel Certification Process


As open US travel to Cuba gets closer and closer, Sabre Corporation reports the development of a capability that helps US travel agents to comply with recently liberalized US regulations for trips booked to, from or within Cuba.

Available to travel buyers and tour operators, the Cuba Traveler Certification capability enhances the user experience in agents’ service desktops. Sabre is utilizing the standard Cuba travel certification form for passengers developed by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

Built on Sabre’s agency workspace, and powered by API technology, the Cuba Traveler Certification capability automatically alerts agents when they have booked an itinerary with air travel to Cuba in order to access the required certification form, transmit the needed data to the transporting airlines, and e-mail the certification form to customers for their records – all in a few easy clicks.

“Sabre is leading by launching a capability that delivers personalized traveller information, and assists agents by improving their workflow when booking travel to Cuba for consumers in the world’s major outbound market for travel to the island,” said Wade Jones, senior vice-president of marketing for Sabre Travel Network.

Today, Sabre-connected agents in the US mainland and territories can shop and book for flights to Cuba without requiring any additional contract amendments.