Sabre Gets Personal


With the launch of three, new, data-driven travel solutions — Customer Experience Manager, Guest Connect Upsell and TripCase Corporate — Sabre has moved to further help travel companies design and offer a more personalized shopping and travel experiences for travellers.

!!! Customer Experience Manager is a data-rich software solution to help airlines leverage traveller insights to deliver a highly personalized experience. With Customer Experience Manager, airlines can automate many manual customer service functions and stimulate revenue — all while significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Examples include promoting targeted ancillaries such as Wi-Fi based on past history or propensity to buy, and proactively rewarding a high-value passenger with a seat upgrade in the case of a flight delay or service disruption. Customer Experience Manager can also interpret customer insights to offer travellers discounts or promotions for target markets and travel dates. South African low-cost carrier kulula is the first airline to adopt Customer Experience Manager.

!!! Guest Connect Upsell is a new hotel booking capability that allows guests to upgrade to a higher room class instantly after their booking is confirmed via targeted offers based on the guest’s unique preferences. Guest Connect Upsell enables hoteliers to generate incremental revenue by precisely targeting enhanced services and options that are aligned specifically to a guest’s individual preferences.

Trump Hotel Collection is the first hotelier globally to use Sabre’s Guest Connect Upsell solution.

!!! TripCase Corporate — — is the business travel version of Sabre’s popular TripCase consumer mobile app used to manage over 11 million trips annually. With TripCase Corporate, travellers can make travel bookings and reservations from their smartphone and identify which trips are for business reasons. This lets a company better track travel spend, safety and security.

General Electric and Hogg Robinson Group are among the first users of TripCase Corporate.

Tom Klein, CEO and president of Sabre, observed, “Personalization makes travel better, and the only way to scale personalization is through technology. As a global technology company supporting the travel industry worldwide, Sabre is leveraging the latest developments in mobile, data and analytics to deliver personalization capabilities to enable airlines, hotels and travel agencies to stay ahead of the rapidly-evolving demands of their travellers.”

Sabre develops technology solutions like these so travel companies can deliver on consumer’s growing expectations to have intuitive, personalized experiences, including how they shop for travel.

A recent IBM survey of more than 28,000 consumers supports this notion with 59% saying they would provide lifestyle information in exchange for more targeted and smarter shopping experiences.