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Hotels selling through Sabre are now merchandising in new ways by creating personalized offers based on individual traveller and shopping information. Sabre’s Custom Offers gives hoteliers the ability to create an endless number of unique, personalized offers such as special rates, room upgrades, premium hotel services, free meals, Wi-Fi, spa services and more. These new merchandising capabilities have been integrated into Sabre’s travel marketing and shopping services, which are available today through the Sabre global distribution system (GDS). Custom Offers also provides airlines the ability to make custom ancillary offers available (for items like seats and bags) based on frequent flier number and frequent flier tier level. Sabre’s Custom Offers lets travel suppliers use the information they have about the traveller combined with Sabre shopping data to dynamically present personalized offers in real time during the shopping process. Custom Offers is available to Sabre hotel and airline customers worldwide, and to agents and travellers who buy through Sabre. “There is a growing demand from both travel suppliers and buyers for increased personalization and offers that are targeted to match traveller preferences. With Custom Offers we are enabling travel suppliers to merchandise in new ways through the Sabre travel marketplace to support their profitability and customer loyalty strategies,”said Shelly Terry, Sabre Travel Network’s vice-president, Supplier Merchandising. “At the same time, we’ve done so in a way that ensures buyers can continue to efficiently shop, book and manage travel.”Hoteliers can utilize this unique capability to offer specific services relevant to the individual consumer, helping to personalize the hospitality experience. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., representing nine distinctive brands, is the first Sabre hotel customer to use Custom Offers. (

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