Sabrina Greca joins 5Continents in new director role

Sabrina Greca has joined 5Continents as a national director of business development and marketing, effective April 15.

Previously, Greca worked for Norwegian Cruise Line in various business development roles. Additionally, she has worked for major industry players including Transat Distribution Canada and Thomas Cook.

“In order to manage the company’s growth and continue our journey in this great industry, we have created the strategic position of National Director of Business Development and Marketing,” said David Boigné, managing partner, 5Continents. “We are a service company based on people more than technology, so who better to take this mission to the next level than Sabrina?”

“We work exclusively with the travel consultant community, and we want to continue to increase our presence within it,” Boigné continued. “To say that Sabrina’s arrival was part of a long-standing plan would be a lie; it came about naturally as Sabrina and 5Continents were at a crossroads.”

Greca will work alongside Michele Rauzon, who joined the company in 2019, as well as Claudia Tourigny and general manager Valerie Favreau, who is delighted with Sabrina’s arrival, and is already working on transforming the operational structure so that it is ready to manage the expansion.