Saint Lucia Honours Top Agents


The Saint Lucia Tourist Board has wined and dined the 2014 winners of the island’s Piton Awards, which recognize the top booking Canadian travel agents and agencies for their work on behalf of the destination.

The winners were hosted on the island June 11-14, including being welcomed at a dinner attended by the island’s tourism minister and deputy prime minister.

“We are very pleased with the dedication and hard work of all the travel agents involved,” said Tracey Warner Arnold, deputy director of tourism for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. “The Piton Awards are a way for us to thank and honour these top performers, who continue to support and promote Saint Lucia tourism in Canada.”

The 2014 Canadian Piton Award winners – hosted on Saint Lucia June 11- 14 and seen here – are Jarius Maus (l), tripcentral, Waterloo, Ont.; Lois Barbour (second from left), Travel Time, St. John’s; Shannon Coyle, New Wave Travel, Toronto; and Nancy Miklian, Travel Sensations, Toronto. In the middle is Alison Theodore, who represents the Saint Lucia Tourist Board in Canada. Not seen is Piton Award winner Gillian Gervais, Marlin Travel Brookfield, Toronto.

The Piton Awards are part of the destination’s Preferred Agent Saint Lucia Specialist (PASS) education and training program. Eligibility for both cash and hotel incentives, involve agents completing a course, be either IATA/CLIA/ARC/CLAA certified, attend a Saint Lucia presentation at least once per year, and regularly update bookings online.

The benefits of the PASS program include personalized PASS marketing tools, complimentary and discounted fams, a listing on the Saint Lucia Tourist Board website, access to thousands of travellers from the Saint Lucia Tourist Board via live chats and complimentary site inspections.

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