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San Francisco Loves Tourism

Once again, the people of San Francisco have made it clear that tourism is the city’s most important industry, according to a new survey by the San Francisco Travel Association.

The study found that San Franciscans were nearly unanimous in understanding the economic importance of tourism with 98% responding that tourism is very important or important to the vitality of the city’s economy.

Additionally, when directly asked if they believe tourism is the city’s most important industry, almost 56% agreed or strongly agreed.

Joe D’Alessandro, president and CEO of the San Francisco Travel Association, “Based on these independent findings, it is deeply gratifying to see the vast majority of San Francisco residents continue to appreciate the important role tourism plays in the economic vitality of our city.”

As well, the survey found residents consider tourism important to the financial health of San Francisco’s city government with the lion-share of respondents — 96.2% — agreeing that tourism is important to San Francisco city budget.ß Less than 1% felt tourism has a negative impact on city finances.

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