Sandals Hits 250,000 Facebook Likes


If anyone was wondering how far Adam Stewart would go for Sandals Resorts, wonder no more. The CEO has fulfilled his promise to zipline through a ring of fire after his Oct. 2013 challenge to Facebook fans to encourage their friends and family to “like” Sandals page and help it reach its goal of 250,000 Facebook Likes.

Well, that milestone was achieved in less than 2 months and true to his word, the 33-year old Stewart — with the help of David Waine, the special effects expert behind Hollywood blockbusters Mission Impossible and the hit franchise Fast and Furious — fulfilled his pledge, and ziplined high above the Jamaican rainforest through a ring of fire.

Stewart said of the experience: “I’ve made many important decisions in my life but this ranks as one of the most questionable. It seemed like great fun at the time but as I was teetering on a ledge in the middle of the rainforest with the heat of the flames on my face from 100 feet away it all became very, very real. However, they say that with great risk comes great reward and I’m delighted that we smashed our target and even more delighted to walk away with only a singed arm and leg.”

Enlisting the local support of Island Routes Caribbean Adventures and Caribbean tour operator Chukka, Stewart successfully conquered the feat relatively unscathed with his wife and children watching on anxiously as the safety team immediately extinguished Stewart’s arm and leg.

Hollywood special effects and safety expert, Waine, who jetted in from Los Angeles to oversee the safety aspects of the stunt, commented: “Whenever I’ve been involved in something as dangerous as this for feature films, we always have a trained stuntman on hand to do the actual stunt or at least test it first. For someone like Adam Stewart, the CEO of a high profile company such as Sandals Resorts to do it himself, and untested, is extremely unusual. It’s a testament to all the planning and support personnel that we managed to complete the challenge without any incidents. Adam definitely seems to go above and beyond for his company.”

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