SAP Concur Taps Into Canadian Business Travel Trends

In new research, SAP Concur taps into some of the ‘most pressing’ challenges faced by Canadian business travellers in 2023.

The touchpoint survey assessed the realities of today’s business travel landscape and found that 94% of Canadian business travellers say the future of their career depends on successful business travel in the coming year.

The survey also reported that:

  • 96% of Canadian business travellers believe cuts to travel budgets, inflation, and policy changes are among the top barriers to business travel.
  • Canadian business travellers are experiencing danger on the road – More than half of Canadian business travelers (51%) cite health and safety concerns as a top threat to business travel today, and 58% have changed accommodations on a business trip in the past 12 months  because they felt unsafe, including 31% who have done so more than once.
  • Unequal business travel opportunities concern some Canadians – A significant disparity exists in the Canadian business travel landscape, with an alarming 67% of business travellers facing unequal opportunities, especially because of their ethnicity or race (22%, compared to 15% globally), their age (21%), their accent (16%), and their gender (16%)
  • Business travel that is safe and sustainable is a must – The vast majority of Canadian business travellers at companies with a corporate travel policy (90%) expect their company to allow them to make travel choices that are outside of that policy for reasons like safety, work-life balance and sustainability. Nearly half expect their employer to allow them to book travel that falls outside of company policy to ensure they feel safe while traveling in certain areas of the world (49%)

To check out the full report, click here.