Scenic Group charts a greener future for luxury travel

Scenic Group has released its 2023 Impact Report, outlining environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments worldwide.

In that report, Scenic Group details strides in environmental innovation and social responsibility in alignment with its Cherish the Planet platform and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Glen Moroney, Founder and Chairman of Scenic Group, said:”At Scenic Group, we balance ultra-luxury travel with environmental stewardship. We understand that responsible practices are crucial not just for safeguarding the world in which we live, but also for ensuring that we can continue to bring our guests to some of the most extraordinary places on earth. Our commitment to sustainability secures the future of transformative travel and is critical to our dynamic growth strategy.”

Highlights from the 2023 Impact Report include:

  • Reduced single-use plastics by 95% across its fleet
  • Investing in advanced ship design to protect the sea floor and progressive water treatment systems to purge invasive species
  • Launched the ‘Cherish the Planet’ menu promoting locally sourced and sustainable ingredients
  • Created the ‘Cherish the Planet’ Sustainable Touring Inclusion Program to support community engagement around the globe

Phil Jordan, Director of Sustainability for Scenic Group, pointed out that: “Our strategic approach not only focuses on operational enhancements but also on deepening our connections with the communities we visit. From sustainable sourcing to engaging in meaningful cultural exchanges, every action is aimed at preserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations.”

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