Scenic Re-brands


Scenic Tours/Scenic Cruises has unveiled a new name – Scenic.

According to officials, the re-brand comes after an extensive 12-month project when the name Scenic Tours was no longer perceived as an accurate description of the company’s extensive product offering. And differentiating by using the name Scenic Cruises in the US didn’t reflect the company’s vertical integration – with its huge tour offerings. The business, founded by Glen Moroney in 1986, has evolved from a domestic coach touring operator to a luxury global travel company and officials say needed a name and positioning which better reflected the company’s existing focus and resonated more strongly with guests and agents.

“We started out in Australia as a very different company 29 years ago. Today, we’re a global company, with a unique perspective on all-inclusive luxury travel. In addition, we’re also specialists in river cruising – and we’re able to use our global travel know-how in ways that weren’t even possible just a few years ago,” said Moroney. “In that time we’ve come to define who we really are. We’ve also learned so much about our business and about how to continually improve our guests’ travel experience. Our offerings are now much more tailored and our experiences have become unique, handcrafted events. And, above all, we now have a much clearer idea of our mission – to help our guests discover the incredible wonder in the many locations we visit.”

With the name change comes a new logo and a refreshed colour palette of black and gold. This has already started rolling out across parts of the business, from documentation to on board the European fleet of Scenic Space-Ships which have been entirely re-branded. These changes will continue over the next few months across web site, brochures, press and TV advertising and events. Agents will receive extensive information about the re-brand so they can continue to confidently sell Scenic to their clients.