It Seems Like Just Yesterday, Chris

Lufthansa's Wendland Celebrates 40 Years Of Service

Industry colleagues, friends and family were on hand in Toronto earlier this week to celebrate Chris Wendland’s 40 years of service with Lufthansa.

That’s quite an achievement.

Lufthansa Group Canada’s personable and well-liked manager, marketing communications, was praised by her also likeable boss, Hans DeHaan, the group’s Canadian director, who presented Wendland with her 40 year pin, confirmed space business class tickets good system-wide on LH and a whole lot of kind and touching words in praise of her achievements.

All of the sentiments expressed were richly deserved and heartfelt, with DeHaan telling those on hand that he was looking forward to working with Chris for another 40 years.

Wendland, who admittedly teared up a wee bit, explained that early on in life she had been a girl scout; had loved reading; and enjoyed sitting around the camp fire terrifying her friends by telling them ghost stories.

Clearly these were three areas of expertise that prepared Wendland for a successful career in the airline business, not to mention skills that would enliven media briefings, powerpoint presentations and the like.

Wendland told the group on hand for the celebration that “I found something that I loved doing and I’ve never looked back. I’m truly blessed.

Yes, you are, Chris and for those of us who have worked with you over the years, we’re blessed to have had that opportunity.

Congratulations! … Now could you cut the cake …


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