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Noting that since opening its doors with new and extensive COVID-19 policies in June, Le Boat has been offering a safe choice for vacationers by boat to get away from traditional holiday spots on the UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal.

Lisa Mclean, North American marketing manager for Le Boat, observed that: “Since the season opened on June 1, Le Boat has proven to be a safe and ideal option for those looking to vacation closer to home this season.”

McLean continued: “Being on your own private boat allows you to live on board, set your own schedule, plan your own route and control your environment, determine where you stop and whom you interact with, while you explore the historic Rideau waterway.”

Le Boat’s houseboat rentals make for the perfect last hurrah before winter arrives & we as Canadian’s go back into hibernation. Plan a getaway on the Rideau Canal and enjoy the spectacular fall colours, BBQ’s on the top deck of your luxury horizon Cruiser and quality time with friends and family. With no previous boating experience or boating license required, Le Boats houseboat rentals are built for the novice boater in mind so anyone can captain a Le Boat.

Said McLean: “Boating the Rideau in the fall is the quintessential Canadian holiday. Our boats allow people an opportunity to get away from it all – go off the beaten track with friends and family members and get away from the crowds of the box stores and big cities.”

And she continued: “Le Boat makes it as easy for people to be able to get outdoors and have an amazing getaway, all while exploring one of Ontario’s best kept secrets.”

“If you can drive a car you can drive one of our boats, plus we provide you with suggested itineraries for a 3 to 5 night short break or 7 to 10-plus night vacation. With a fleet of 24 premier Horizon Cruises you can pick a boat that fits your budget.”

With travel experts are predicting staycations and more independent vacations will be the continuing trend for 2021, McLean points out that: “The reports we’re seeing from a variety of travel experts suggest that increased demand for travel close to home will continue well into 2021 and even if travel restrictions are lifted, availability for all travel products may be limited due to the pent up demand and the high number of refund vouchers & travel credits that need to be used by the end of 2021.”

And she adds that: “Both of these factors mean there could be limited inventory available for the summer of 2021” and she suggests that “travellers should take advantage of early booking incentives and book now so you get your first choice in travel dates and not be disappointed.”

Le Boat thoroughly cleans each vessel at the end of each use. Additionally, it has introduced extra COVID Safety Policy that outlines specific cleaning and social distancing measures.

Le Boat has also stepped up in these uncertain times to offer booking terms that are as flexible as possible so that customers can book with confidence with Le Boat, knowing that you can cancel up to 48 hours prior to departure with their Go Boating With Confidence policy.

Said McLean:  “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from the comfort of your lounge chair as you go down the Rideau Canal,” says Mclean. “There’s never been a better time to create your own unforgettable vacation to remember for a lifetime.”

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