Set Yourself Apart In Los Cabos

Los Cabos Tourism Board is wooing visitors back with a new marketing campaign that highlights the destination’s safety protocols designed to make travellers feel at ease when they visit.

Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism Board, said that: “In Los Cabos, we thread our safety-first approach through everything we do, which is critical in providing the safest way to get away. This is important as travellers are looking for safe destinations that have properly implemented health and safety protocols at every step. As Mexico’s top luxury destination, we are committed to providing a safe travel environment.”

With increasing vaccination levels now providing an opportunity for Canadians to release their pent-up travel desires, Los Cabos has launched a comprehensive visitor safety initiative.

In partnership with Intertek Cristal, the ‘Safer Way to Get Away’ protocols address potential safety issues at the airport, during onsite transportation, and at accommodations, tour activities, the beach, restaurants and bars. These exhaustive protocols have earned Los Cabos the honour of being the first location designated as a Sharecare health security VERIFIED destination.

Said Esponda: “In addition to our own health and safety programs including Los Cabos With Care and A Safer Way to Get Away, this VERIFIED™ badge will be influential in providing confidence to international travellers looking for a safe and secure place to visit.”

The Set Yourself Apart campaign also highlights the unique terrain of Las Cabos, which allows travellers to enjoy the outdoors while remaining socially distanced. Visitors can enjoy activities such as sailing the beautiful waters of the sea of Cortez or embarking on a dune buggy adventure across The Baja California desert while maintaining the recommended six-foot bubble.

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