Shaping The Future


Amadeus has launched a new brand campaign that invites the travel industry to join it in shaping the future of travel. At the heart of the new campaign, Amadeus how it, its customers and travellers see the future of travel and what it is going to do about it.

And Amadeus will be telling that story in a number of ways, including:

  • Exploration and discussion of three major trends that will be critical to the next generation of travel and the technology that powers it — personalization, connectivity and sustainability.
  • Amadeus’ corporate blog posts will feature insights from Amadeus leaders including CEO Luis Maroto about the future of travel.
  • The will be social media updates about the evolving industry landscape and Amadeus’ commitment to shaping that future.
  • There will be discussions surrounding iconic future travel imaginings in Sci-Fi and which may be closer to a reality thanks to technology. Readers are also invited to share their own futuristic outlooks.
  • Amadeus will publish a new thought-leadership reports with forecasts and opinions on the long-term future of the travel landscape.
  • New videos showcasing what travellers want most, Amadeus’ customer and industry views, and additional insight on our new brand evolution.
  • A new Amadeus visual identity including evolved company logo.

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