She’s Back!

Zeina Gedeon is back, joining Travel Professionals International (TPI) as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Gedeon’s appointment is effective immediately and her key priorities will be growth and innovation.

Commenting on the announcement, TPI president, Morris Chia said, “Zeina brings an incredible amount of experience to TPI. Through this experience and her relationships we are perfectly poised for Zeina to take TPI to the next level of growth and innovation.”

In terms of growth, Gedeon will take aim at increasing sales and commission revenues for the company in addition to building TPI’s footprint, through acquisition of individual travel advisors, storefronts, and agency groups.

Gedeon’s priority the area of innovation will be to further develop internal systems such as TPI’s exclusive Lynx platform, building on existing gains the company has made in lead-generation and automated content delivery for its travel advisors.

As Gedeon sees it, “Innovation cannot happen without the correct corporate culture, and TPI’s head office team and travel advisors have the incredible passion and knowledge needed to continue to grow and innovate together. I’m excited to contribute to these ongoing efforts started under Morris’ leadership.”

She brings over 20 years of experience in the travel industry – including various president and vice president roles at companies such as Air Canada, Air Canada Vacations, and TravelBrands, in addition to her previous experience on TPI’s Corporate Advisory Board – to her new role at TPI.

Gedeon is based between Montreal and Toronto and can be reached at [email protected].