Silversea Eases Cancellation Policies

Silversea Cruises has temporarily eased its new booking and cancellation policies, providing travellers with additional time to evaluate their travel plans in these times of uncertainty surrounding travel.

Travellers who make new bookings on sailings departing between June 1 and Dec. 31 will be able to cancel up until 30 days prior to departure, paying only a customary administrative fee on the cruise fare. Additionally, Silversea will negotiate on guests’ behalf for the same cancellation options on other components of the booking such as air travel, hotels and shore excursions. However, Silversea does not have control over these third-party suppliers, and, therefore, different terms may apply for these specific components.

“Travelling the world with Silversea should never be a source of anxiety,” says Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s chief executive officer. “For this reason, and to ease the minds of our guests and trade partners, we have temporarily relaxed our new booking and cancellation policies. This period of uncertainty is for sure going to ease eventually, but as the situation evolves, we are pleased to provide our guests with more time to decide whether or not to travel.”