Silversea’s 2027 world cruise to visit 80 destinations

Silversea has unveiled its richest voyage ever for its World Cruise 2027, The Three Oceans.

Silver Dawn, one of the smallest world-cruising ships, will depart Los Angeles on January 8 and arrive in Copenhagen on June 7, 2027, calling in 80 destinations – more than any voyage in the brand’s history – in 35 countries on five continents, including 20 new calls for a Silversea World Cruise and 11 overnights.

Designed by Silversea’s leading destination experts, the 149-day voyage will unlock the unique cultures, histories, and ideas of the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans, connecting over 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and offering longer in port than any other World Cruise. A series of bespoke events, offering exclusive access to tailor-made experiences in true Silversea style, will enhance the voyage for guests.

About the Three Oceans cruise

Calling in more destinations than ever as the most enriching voyage in the brand’s history, The Three Oceans World Cruise 2027 is set to offer guests unprecedented destination diversity.

The Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans represent not only the geographical route for the sailing but also three varying chapters in this singular World Cruise story. Each ocean will unveil unique places, cultures, and stories that will come alive on board and off, as guests celebrate crossing from one to another, with regional events, entertainment, gifts, lectures, and more.

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