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Toronto-based Siren Communications will handle North American public relations for Destination Cape Breton, Cape Breton Island’s tourism board. “Cape Breton is currently experiencing an unprecedented level of interest from visitors due to its new golf facilities, a growing interest in eco-tourism and a proactive local approach to tourism,”says Ann Layton, president of Siren Communications. “From hiking the Cabot Trail to experiencing the region’s diverse cultures, this Canadian masterpiece truly has something for everyone.”Siren will focus on highlighting the region’s natural beauty, golf and active pursuits, culinary traditions and cultural heritage. “We are very much looking forward to working with Siren Communications,”said Mary Tulle, CEO of Destination Cape Breton Island Association, “as their experience working with a luxury lifestyle clientele and their strategic relationships with media make them the perfect agency to increase the profile of Cape Breton Island.”(

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