Skål International Ready To Meet The Challenges

Skal International Executive Board Members met in Little Rock, AR, in late January for their first Executive Board meeting to work on a strategic plan for 2022.

The new board – elected in late December – includes Burcin Turkkan, the senior VP of 2021, as the new Skål International World President. Burcin Turkkan is the first female executive elected on the Skål International Executive Board representing the USA. She is also the youngest female World President Skål International has ever elected since 1934.

Skål International membership also elected the other Executive Board members in the following order: Juan Steta – Senior VP from Mexico; Marja Eela-Kaskinen, Director from Finland; Annette Cardenas, Director from Panama; Denise Scrafton, Director from Australia. In addition to Skål International Executive Committee members, the Skål International Executive Board has the International Skål Council President Julie Dabaly, from Kenya, interim Vice President Hulya Aslantas from Turkey, and the CEO Daniela Otero, from Spain on the Executive Board.

Turkkan, World President 2022, Skal International, said: “I am honored for being elected as the World President by the membership of Skål International. The pandemic has taken a big toll on the travel and tourism industry globally. Representing 40 categories within the industry with over 12,500 members around the globe, in 2022, Skål International is looking to take on the global issues our members and the challenges industry is facing, working together with global organizations and NGOs. Skål International is ready to increase global partnerships and work actively with partners on executing projects.”

In 30 days in office, President Turkkan initiated 8 Committees to address industry challenges and global issues, grow membership, increase visibility, and support the Skål International Executive Board in achieving the set goals for 2022.

Members in the organization are invited to volunteer in these Committees with the Presidential Theme set for the year: “We are Stronger Together as One. ‘As being an organization with 88 years of history, we are looking into restructuring and the modernization of the governance, better fiscal and financial policies along with strategic growth of membership globally.’ Added Turkkan, World President 2022, Skal International.

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