Sky Bird Travel & Tours Unveils Opteticket

Sky Bird Travel & Tours has unveiled the first of many new features developed for the Sky Bird Platform.

Opteticket is a multi-GDS solution designed to gain end-to-end control, reduce errors, and speed up ticketing for agents who prefer to book with a GDS.

Opteticket streamlines the ticketing process for GDS bookings by performing automated tests and checks of the PNRs, and it grants travel agents greater control over how commission and agency fees are collected, eliminating the time-consuming exchange of information with the agency. Opteticket is being launched on Amadeus and Sabre with Travelport to follow.

Norman Knowles, CEO at Sky Bird Travel & Tours, said: “Time is money. We understand the importance of efficiency in the travel industry, especially for our valued travel agent partners, and this represents the first of many investments that we are making to improve the quality of service and efficiency for our partners and their customers.”

Knowles added: “With Opteticket, we aim to enhance their end-to-end booking experience significantly, allowing our travel agent partners to focus on delivering exceptional service to their agents.”

Key Features and Benefits of Opteticket include:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Less waiting means more time to help other customers
  • Instant Review: Real-time PNR review removes back and forth via email to resolve discrepancies
  • Commission Control: Complete management of commission and real-time earning view
  • Standardized Information: Submission fields are automatically filled in with the correct format required by the airline

In addition, Sky Bird Travel & Tours has a number of other many developments in the works:

  • Opteticket+: a streamlined dashboard, schedule change notifications, travel insurance, ticket checks, as well as additional revenue opportunities.
  • Authentication Enhancement: Sky Bird is working on a new solution to authenticate customers as a means to reduce fraud and debit memo risk.
  • Wings NDC: Keep an eye out for our NDC announcement, we are just finishing testing.

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