SkyLink CEO Surjit Babra Set to Retire


After 35 years at the helm of SkyLink Travel, CEO Surjit Babra is retiring, effective Dec. 31.

In a letter to friends and family, Babra said it was a tough decision, “but it all comes down to my personal choice. SkyLink Travel has been one of my babies, I know each part of it well and I cared deeply about its success. I knew in my heart that after so many years of service, this time would come. The leadership of SkyLink Travel is now in the hands of Yuvraj Datta – SkyLink’s president and his team.”

He added that on his retirement, he will be leaving behind “a great company

and an industry leader, equipped with an enormously talented group of leaders. I could not be more proud my past and present employees. They stood by me through thick and thin. They have built this company and given me the pride to be their leader and CEO. SkyLink has made enormous progress in improving sales and service levels and have won many acclamations.”