Skylink Picks Farenexus For Agency Engine Partner

Skylink has chosen Farenexus as the technology partner to build its new Travel Agent booking engine Magellan.

The collaboration between Skylink and Farenexus will give Skylink’s 1,200-plus travel agent customers the knowledge and expertise Skylink provides for airline products with an industry leading agent booking tool developed by Farenexus that does not require cryptic GDS skills and knowledge.

Magellan, which is built with the Nexuswind technology, continues to expand Skylink’s ability to offer unique air content in the Canadian marketplace and exceed the high expectations that customers have come to expect.

Magellan, the updated booking tool, will provide not only the range of negotiated and published fares but also all the web fares of the major airlines in one search request.

Travel agents will be able to know immediately what is available for their customers in a single request. All of this ensures the Travel Agent will get the best offer for their customers that the market provides quickly and efficiently. It also will allow Skylink to add additional dynamic content as the airlines continue to expand their “direct” API efforts.

Skylink’s Joane Tetreault said: “The role of the consolidator is to demystify the complexity of the many air products that the airlines now offer so that the Travel Agent can direct their client to the best offer in the market for them. The partnership with Farenexus has enabled us to overwhelmingly meet this objective. Farenexus’ in-depth knowledge of our industry was the key to this success. It is a perfect marriage.”

Ravi Kumar Panwar, CEO at Farenexus, said that: “We are very pleased to have been selected by Skylink to build this important new tool for their Agency and Travel Agent partners. We understand how confusing and complex finding the best solution for a Travel Agent’s client can be in this airline omni channel distribution world. We are proud that we have been able extend our Nexuswind Platform and enable Skylink to provide this industry leading solution that is both very Travel Agent friendly and efficient for its customers.”

Farenexus was founded in Montreal in 2016. Farenexus empowers companies with corporate, leisure, On and Off-line booking solutions, contract management, process automation, customer profile & policy management and data-driven insights to transform int more efficient operations.

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Located in Montreal, Skylink Travel has been a consolidator in the travel industry for over 30 years. Serving over 1200 agents across Quebec and parts of Ontario, Skylink specializes in booking flights, land and group travel either through its experienced team or via its Magellan online booking engines.

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