Skyscanner Searching Canada For The Ultimate Travel Hacker

The search is on … Skyscanner is looking for the Ultimate Travel Hacker with the launch of its latest competition, seeking one lucky Canadian to put viral travel hacks to the test in the name of helping travelers around the world.

Testing packing tricks, booking tips and destination detective work will all be undertaken by the winner of the “Ultimate Travel Hacker” competition, which will see one lucky winner given funds to explore the world and report their experiences in 2023.

Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s Travel Trends and Destinations Expert said “most of us have that one friend who is always one step ahead on how to travel best, whether it’s a new flight route or how to get the most out of luggage space.”

And Lindsay continued: “Travel hacks are fast becoming conversation pieces across the internet, but we want to put them to the test in the real world.”

She pointed out that: “For nearly two decades, Skyscanner’s mission has been to give our travelers the most comprehensive, accurate information so they can make the best choices for their trip – from flight fares to car hire.”

And Lindsay added: “Skyscanner is one of the OG travel hacks, so we’re looking to ensure the ‘travel hacks’ that we are seeing online are tried and tested, and that’s where the Ultimate Travel Hacker comes in.”

Kicking off their trips in Summer 2023, the “Ultimate Travel Hacker” will undertake challenges to test travel hack theories and document them to help travellers understand if they’re legit.

To apply:

  • Simply choose to Duet Skyscanner’s video on TikTok or Remix it on Instagram with your best travel-hacker answers.
  • Remember: Use #SkyscannerUltimateTravelHacker for the video to be considered for application.

What Skyscanner is looking for:

  • A love for travel: Your suitcase is a permanent resident of your bedroom floor at this point.
  • Be trip ready: You’ll be going on a series of trips, so we need someone with a flexible schedule with their passport to hand.
  • Passion for content creation: You love sharing ideas and inspiration with your community already.

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