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Skyscanner Tracks The Trends

So where are Canadians headed in 2020?

Well, Skyscanner has pulled together traveller data to determine what’s driving a global sense of adventure and how Canadians will be travelling in 202

Will travel for food: 2020 travel trends include local gastronomy, micro escapes?
According to the 2020 Canadian Travel Trends Report, a study of 1,500 Canadians commissioned by Skyscanner and conducted by research firm Maru/Blue, three-quarters (73%) of Canadians plan to travel in 2020.

From life-changing excursions to slow and steady vacation planning, here’s a look at the top travel trends Skyscanner uncovered for Canadians:

  • Slow travel — If you’ve ever returned from a holiday feeling tired and in need of another, then slow travel – which emphasizes connecting with the location, your travel mates, and a more leisurely way of living – might be for you. With 40 per cent of Canadians saying they’re prioritizing rest over sightseeing for their next trip, slow travel is the top travel trend of 2020.
  • Micro escapes — From hiking and camping trips to short weekend getaways and domestic destinations, 34 per cent of Canadians say they’re planning a micro escape, which is a great way to fit in a break for those who say they’re “too busy” to go on vacation. Travel within Canada – like exploring another province you’ve never been to – is a great micro escape idea you can try over a weekend.
  • JOMO trips — Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of Canadians say they’re looking forward to JOMO, or the “joy of missing out,” on their next vacation. Rather than planning an Instagram-worthy trip, this type of traveller is opting to travel off-season to alternative or less popular destinations in 2020 to escape the crowds.
  • Local gastronomy — Will travel for food? Yes please, say nearly one-in-five Canadians who plan their vacations around trying local cuisine. From Michelin star restaurants to food trucks, the local gastronomist is on the hunt for the best eats. They’re the type to research online, watch every foodie show, and ask everyone in their social circles for recommendations before travelling to a destination.
  • Sustainable tourism — Nearly one-tenth of Canadians identify as sustainable travellers. In 2020, they plan to choose flights with a lower environmental impact, select sustainable travel products, or visit destinations that are culturally and environmentally responsible to minimize their carbon footprint.
  • Transformative journeys — Travel has the power to change us. No one understands this more than those taking transformative journeys, which represents 7 per cent of Canadians travelling in 2020. To them, travel is a chance for them to get to know themselves through self-improvement like yoga or meditation retreats, or by completing charitable work like building schools or planting trees.

Juliano Lopez, head of research & insights at Skyscanner, observed: “As a traveller-first company, we pay close attention to what is inspiring Canadians so we can help them make informed travel decisions. Compared to 2019, when the hottest trend was solo travel, we’re seeing a shift toward escapism and relaxation in 2020.”

Lopez noted that: “Our data shows that Canadians are intrigued by the road less travelled and getting away whenever they can – whether it’s for an extended trip or a weekend.”

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