Smarter, Kinder, Safer

There’s no doubt that the world has been and is continuing to be reshaped by the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in releasing its predictions for travel in 2021 and beyond, notes that innovation within the travel industry will accelerate faster than ever to respond to marked shifts in travel expectations and behaviours.

The digital travel company observes that travellers will look for a heightened level of travel safety and more sustainable travel offerings, as well as evolve their preferences for where and with whom they travel.

And it makes it clear that newfound appreciation for doorstep delights will endure alongside an abiding love of the far flung, and travellers will find new ways to blur the lines between work and travel.

The result of all this is that it will catapult a demand for deeper value from the trips we book in the future.

Vaccine is key

To reach these observations, has combined research from over 20,000 travellers across 28 countries and territories with insights from proprietary search and endorsement data as well as over 20 years of travel expertise to reveal 9 predictions for the future of travel — in 2021 and beyond.

With over half (59%) of Canadian travellers responding that they won’t be comfortable travelling until a Coronavirus vaccine or treatment is in place, it may be a long time before we experience the world as freely as we did previously, but the industry will continue to adapt at pace, satiating our appetite to travel whenever it’s safe to do so.

Fundamental, enduring role

Arjan Dijk, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at, observed: “2020 has been a year like no other and while it will be some time before travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, all signs point to the fundamental and enduring role that travel plays in all our lives. It continues to bring moments of joy and inspiration to people across the globe during times of uncertainty, whether through dreaming and planning, or cherishing the trips we have been able to take.”

Dijk continued: “Enhancing our understanding of one another and our common desire to explore beyond the horizon, I believe that travel has a unique potential to come back stronger than ever in the years ahead as a primary driver of growth, equality and prosperity for people everywhere.”

And he added: “In the meantime, with our mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, we will be there for our customers offering the widest choice, great value and the easiest experience from anywhere and on any device so Canadians can enjoy all of the unforgettable experiences this world has to offer.’’s 9 predictions for the future of travel include Wandermust, Vital Value, Familiarists Not Tourists, Search Escapism, Safety Cleans Up, Impact Awakening, Bye Bye 9 To 5, Simple Pleasures and Spontechnaity.

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