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Cruise Industry Sets A Course To The Future

The future of the cruise industry looks bright, despite the turbulent times it has encountered this year, says the president of Cruise Connections.

Sanjay Goel told yesterday’s Baxter Media Travel Webcast Wednesday that the “last few months have been very encouraging” for Cruise Connections, a prominent presence in the cruise industry.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent massive slowdown in travel is giving people “itchy feet,” Goel said, “They (the public) want to get away.”

Goel said he’s confident that the cruise industry will continue to grow over the long haul, adding the “fundamentals are strong” for an industry that saw over 30 million clients in 2019.

He said Cruise Connections is seeing a good number of 2021 bookings, some of them rebookings from those who were unable to sail this year as planned, while others are new bookings.

Most cruise ships remain idle, with Goel noting cruise companies are awaiting a “green light” from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to resume sailing in U.S. waters.

Those wanting to go on a cruise can expect an “abundance of caution” from cruise companies to ensure their passengers have healthy vacations, Goel continued.

He said all involved in cruising are “working very hard with the same goal in mind…deliver a spectacular vacation…,” he said. “Every cruise line is looking for the best experience for the guest but also ensure safety once the guest is on board.”

Goel predicted that there will be a gradual rebuilding of the cruise industry, with shorter cruises being the most popular choice initially. “It’s not going to be a light switch. it’s going to be a dimmer,” he said of the industry’s recovery.

Goel also said that this is a “great time” for travel agents to talk to people about vacation options.

Watch for more on the future of cruising in an upcoming issue of Canadian Travel Press.



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