So Many Questions, But Where To Go For Answers?

TraveLaw Online’s Doug Crozier and Tim Law of Heifetz, Crozier, Law respond to an advisor’s question about whether there is a single place to go to access all of the directives and rules relating to COVID-19.

Q: My spouse is a teacher. She’s being deluged by her School Board with confusing and often-changing updates as to what the post-COVID rules for re-opening schools are going to be. It’s stressful. As a travel advisor, I’m finding to a certain extent the same thing is happening with the rules about post-COVID travel that are being issued by various governments, insurers and individual suppliers. Is there any single place where all of these travel directives and rules can be found?

A: No single website or other resource that we know of has ALL of the specifics you’re looking for.  But the Transport Canada website at is a good place to start as a resource for Canadian rules for travel by air, rail, water, road and public transit.

It even has links for airport-specific rules, where they exist.  As this is written, the last update took place about three weeks ago, so it looks to be something that is being maintained with some regularity.

It’s a good site to use as a resource for yourself.  It can also be something to which you direct your passengers, so they can do their own research and come to their own conclusions as to whether or not to travel.

As a professional counsellor, you’ll want to arm your customers with the information they need, but NOT to make their decisions for them.

If and when travel to the US is contemplated by a customer, CNN has as a resource.

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