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Softvoyage Automates FTCs

Softvoyage has introduced a simple electronic way to redeem Future Travel Credits (FTC).

Now, Sirev users can easily, safely and promptly verify their customers’ future travel credits and apply the FTC as payment method.

The process is simple:

1) Log on to Sirev

2) Click “future travel credit” (also available at the payment page)

3) Enter basic details:

  • Name
  • Booking number
  • Date of birth
  • Select supplier

The FTC is listed as a payment method. Partial payment can also be used.

This new tool will also be available shortly to Softvoyage customers using our Business to Consumers technology. Customers will be able to redeem their FTCs directly from the online agency’s website.

Commenting on the initiative, Dan Langevin, vice president sales and marketing, said: “This has been a very important project for us at Softvoyage. The idea came together after several consultations with various retailers and supplier partners. It was clear early in the pandemic that redeeming these Future Travel Credit could cause frustration having to use a call center to check and redeem.”

And Langevin added: “Our partners were definitely part of this process and we wish to thank them all for their help creating this tool for our industry as we slowly return to normal.”

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