Some Travel Tales From Flight Centre

The people at Flight Centre have a lot of stories to tell and now they’re sharing them in a series of newly launched, one-minute videos.

“Dubbed This One Time, the video series straddles decades and continents, laughs and woah-moments, joys and outright face-palms to offer you the ultimate aperitif to travel,” Flight Centre Global Head of Marketing Clinton Hearne explains.

Hearne continues: “Everyone has travel stories they share with those they know, so we wanted to give this instantly identifiable form of storytelling a platform that we hope will resonate.”

And he adds: “The result is a series of punchy videos that are fizzing with inspo.”

Hearne notes that: “People are getting excited about travel again, and we want to catch some of that excitement by sharing our very own experiences. We’re dropping these videos as little reminder notes that now is as good a time as any to plan that next trip, whether you’re eyeing up a summer escape to Europe, cultural immersion in Asia or a raucous tour of the USA.”

And he adds that Flight Centre’s YouTube channel had been experiencing something of a golden patch off the back of the popularity of its Kids Talk travel series.

Hearne concludes: “YouTube has become an indispensable channel for people sourcing inspiration and information to shape their travel plans. “With a bit of customary Flight Centre cheek, where we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we hope our This One Time series will spark many more travel stories.”