Something New At Métis Crossing

Métis Crossing has announced that its new Sky Watching Domes – overnight accommodations that provide unobstructed views of the night sky from the comfort of a bed – are now available to book for the 2023 season.

The domes offer a unique way to connect with the night sky and Indigenous programming available at Métis Crossing.

With nearly zero light pollution in the region, guests can spend the night gazing into the sky from the comfort of these luxury accommodations. Each dome includes a transparent ceiling, king bed, running water, bathroom, heated floors, air conditioning, kitchenette, and electricity. The luxury Sky Watching Domes are available in two configurations, single suites (sleep 2 guests) and family suites (sleep 6 guests).

Métis ancestors shared a strong connection to the land and sky, using the night sky and stars as guiding lights. As part of the experience at Métis Crossing, guests can now sleep under the stars in these Sky Watching Domes to gain an appreciation for how the Métis people used the stars and sky to navigate, and how the sky was used as a clock, calendar, and provided critical instructions for understanding when to plant, hunt, and work the land.

These Sky Watching Domes are made possible thanks in part to $1.45M in federal funding though the Tourism Relief Fund administered in Alberta by PrairiesCan.

Juanita Marois, CEO of Métis Crossing, said: “Experiencing the Sky Watching Domes is an incredible new way for people to connect with, and learn about Métis culture. We are very pleased to have the continued support of PrairiesCan as we continue to build a truly distinct Indigenous tourism destination.”

And Marois added: “We are proud to offer a new variety of accommodation for the region and continue to attract new visitors to Métis Crossing by offering immersive, innovative, and culturally relevant experiences.”

Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan, observed: “Our government is proud to invest in tourism experiences that highlight Alberta as a leading destination and provide quality jobs that Albertans can rely on. These unique accommodations will attract regional and international visitors to explore the Smoky Lake region year-round and will help immerse visitors in the authentic Indigenous experiences available at Métis Crossing.”

Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, noted that: “From cultural tours, to authentic Métis cuisine, Métis Crossing is a pillar of Alberta’s Indigenous tourism economy and an important way for Métis people to tell their stories. Today, with support from the Tourism Relief Fund, everyone can now experience a unique part of Métis cultural history and sleep under the very stars that Métis peoples have used to tell time, navigate their calendar, and pass along stories from generation to generation. A big congratulations to the team at Métis Crossing on this milestone and to everyone that came together to make this happen.”

The addition of Métis Crossing’s Sky Watching Domes is another advancement in the economic development of the rural Smoky Lake area, attracting new and returning visitors to the region. As a leader in this space, Métis Crossing’s goal is to become a self-sustaining cultural and tourism destination. The Sky Watching Domes are the latest addition to a portfolio of accommodation options designed to meet a range of interests and price points. Métis Crossing already offers camping experiences (including RV sites, tent sites, and traditional Trapper’s Tents) in The Campground at Métis Crossing and lodge accommodations in The Lodge at Métis Crossing.

The Sky Watching Domes open on June 1, and bookings are available now.

Bookings can be made at