Something Special Happening In Utah

The Utah Office of Tourism has launched Utah Specialist Academy for travel advisors worldwide, including the Canadian market.

It is encouraging travel advisors to elevate their expertise about Utah by taking a learning journey through Utah’s unmatched destination experiences via a new Utah Specialist Academy.

Travel advisors who complete the Utah Specialist Academy by June 30, 2023 will be in for the chance to win a September 2023 FAM to Utah.

Graduates of the academy will receive ongoing open access to the program and resources including up-to-date information, training updates, new Utah experiences to offer clients and access to the industry resource page with assets, itineraries and new product updates.

The Utah Office of Tourism, Zach Fyne said: “With the Canadian market being Utah’s largest international source market and ranked number one, generating $174 million in spend and 274,000 visits in 2019, the goal of this program is to provide travel advisors with a general knowledge of the incredible experiences Utah has to offer.”

Fyne continued: “This knowledge will also give travel advisors the confidence and familiarity to sell our products before even stepping foot in the state. The resources, information and assets provided in this course will provide the necessary knowledge to close more leads and drive sales.”

To register for the Utah Specialist Academy, go to .