Southwest Airlines Signs Multi-Year Deal with ATPCO

ATPCO has deepened its partnership with Southwest Airlines through two new agreements including Express Contracts, providing highly valued corporate contract automation, and Routehappy.

Southwest signed multi-year agreements to utilize Routehappy and Express Contracts. With its Routehappy agreement, the carrier’s travel experience options are presented in its own brand voice, in multiple languages, regardless of sales channel – and in the most visually appealing display that highlights the benefits of flying on Southwest.

ATPCO’s Routehappy content brings unique airline fares, products, and services to life with messaging, images, videos, and cabin tours that can be highly targeted by aircraft, route, time of day, and more.

Routehappy UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) informs consumers of differentiated features, including branded fares. Southwest can use Routehappy UPAs to make it easier for customers to understand and choose the best fare for their needs.

Express Contracts streamlines the implementation of negotiated contracts between an airline and its corporate partners, enabling contracts to get to market in a matter of hours. Customer satisfaction from corporate partners is enhanced through faster access to their contractual benefits and Southwest can realize the benefits of new agreements faster than legacy, manual processes permitted.

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