Space Tour Out of This World


US tour operator MIR Corporation has an exploration of the Russian Space Program, where guests tour Star City, Russia’s premier cosmonaut training facility.

Clients can participate in optional cosmonaut training. At the remote Russian launch facility on the Kazakh steppe, they’ll rub shoulders with top international space officials, space veterans and family of the next space crew, and witness the launch of the Soyuz on its way to the International Space Station. The tour is slated for Nov. 25 to Dec. 3 and starts at US$14,295 per person.

Optional cosmonaut training includes experiencing up to 4Gs on the world’s largest centrifuge, the TsF-18; riding on a parabolic zero-G simulation flight; donning a Russian-engineered Orlan space suit, created especially for spacewalks; and learning to open and close hatches and complete operations designed to simulate typical space tasks.


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