Spectacular Months From Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Club Med Sandpiper Bay kicks off of its new Spectacular Months program in July, with a lineup of annual events at the all-inclusive family-friendly resort, continuing through June 2020.

The property’s Spectacular Months will offer six themes that elevate the resort’s current activities and experiences, each lasting approximately two months.

Sandpiper Bay is Club Med’s only U.S.-based resort, nestled on the St. Lucie River in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Carolyne Doyon, senior vice-president of Club Med Canada and Mexico, said that: “Florida’s tropical climate has always made it a favoured destination for families and sport lovers, and Club Med Sandpiper Bay is an excellent choice for vacations all year long.”

Doyon continued: “Providing guests with countless activities to enjoy is the core of Club Med’s all-inclusive offering and why we have identified key themes that everyone will love. With monthly themes dedicated to enriching the family experience, families will be able to reconnect and create lasting memories while enjoying a vacation at Club Med Sandpiper Bay.”

Club Med Sandpiper Bay’s Spectacular Months include:

  • Splash-tacular Months (July – August 2019)
  • Zen-tacular Months (September – October 2019)
  • Fest-tacular Months (November — December 2019)
  • Golf-tacular Months (January – February 2020)
  • Circus-tacular Months (March – April 2020)
  • Explore-tacular Months (May – June 2020)

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