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Spotlight on Germany


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of reunification this year, the German National Tourist Office held an industry luncheon yesterday (April 13) in Toronto featuring seven tourism partners.

The tourism representatives gathered to share industry news and upcoming plans to celebrate 25 years of German unity, including an official ceremony, church services and public festivals in Frankfurt from Oct. 2-4.

Pictured at the luncheon, held at the Arcadian Loft, are (l-r) Angela Geissler, Munich Airport; Wolfgang Gartner, Saxony Tourism; Susan Rienitz, Bremerhaven Tourist Board; Antje Splettstoesser, director of sales and marketing, German National Tourist Office, Canada; Nicole Joy-Henzler, Stuttgart Marketing GmbH; Steffi Gretschel, Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH; Stefan Kopp, Frankfurt Airport; and Birgit Albicker-Rimpel, Steigenberger Hotel Group.


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