Spotlight on Thailand

The name of the island is Bond – James Bond.

Diane Molzan of Goway Travel told a Tuesday Toronto gathering promoting Thailand that among the country’s tropical attractions is James Bond Island, named after the fictional super spy after appearing in the Bond movie The Man With the Golden Gun.

Molzan said the “very iconic” island is one of many limestone karsts found in a watery area and those who visit it will “almost feel like you’re in Jurassic Park,” thanks to the unusual stone formations.

Molzan also used the evening to praise the “excellent” shopping markets found in Bangkok and added the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai also has great markets.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Kayla Shubert in turn said Bangkok has “incredible attractions,” among them its many Buddhist temples. The temples are lit up at night, looking “lovely” to those who view them on a dinner cruise, she continued.

Shubert also praised the street food scene in Thailand, saying it’s “low-cost and there’s such a variety of choices.”

Tourists can also head for rooftop bars in the Thai capital, she continued.

Among other places Shubert said are well-deserving of tourist attention is Ayutthaya, which served as a Siamese capital long ago and has earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

Meanwhile, Molzan said Goway has a Thai itinerary that visits both Bangkok and Chiang Mai and then offers participants a choice of either Phuket or Koh Samui, with the latter two destinations being tropical resort retreats. “It’s a really good mix,” she said.

Goway’s Anthony Saba noted Thai beaches routinely attract large numbers of Australians, who have great beaches in their own country. “That is saying something [about the quality of Thai beaches],” said Saba, who’s Australian himself.

Goway adds that it will customize Thailand tours if customers wish that.

Pictured are Shubert, Molzan and Goway’s Belinda Combrink.